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The Ghastly Shock Show — mini-portfolio inspired by the songs of the Misfits



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    "The Ghastly Shock Show" is a collection of 9 mini-prints inspired by the songs of The Misfits. Each image in the set is full color and printed on glossy card stock measuring 6.9" x 10.5" — roughly the size of a comic book. The nine prints are:

    The Crimson Ghost Strikes Back
    American Nightmare
    Astro Zombies
    Spook City USA
    Who Killed Marilyn
    Die Die My Darling

    The pink "Ghastly Shock Show" is cover image that wraps around the nine card stock prints. "Spook City USA" is the only horizontal image in the set.

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    Designed and printed in Columbia, South Carolina. Shipping tubes made in USA.
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    prints are high quality, almost matte but have some shine, the actual images are clear, and the shipping was fast and protected them from bending!