Dark Shadows: 1967 | 11x17 Art Print


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    An early draft of the poster for "Dark Shadows: Behind the Screams," one of this year's events at the Sleepy Hollow International Film Festival. The event featured a visual retrospective of the classic Dark Shadows television series, a Q&A with cast member Kathryn Leigh Scott, as well as a screening of 1970's "House of Dark Shadows." Scott appeared in both versions of the poster, but there remained a significant problem with this version. "House of Dark Shadows" was shot in Sleepy Hollow and nearby Tarrytown, which needed to feature predominantly in the marketing. I considered a version of this poster with the Lyndhurst Estate (the mansion that served as Collinwood in "House") in place of Seaview Terrace (Collinwood from the television series) but the overall concept of this poster was so inextricably tied to the second year of the series that it no longer made sense. So I started over. You can find the final (color!) poster for sale elsewhere in my shop.

    Printed on 11X17 glossy, text-weight paper.