Last Survivor of the Nostromo | 11x17 Art Print


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    "Alien" is my favorite film, a status that's unlikely to ever change. I wanted to create something inspired by the movie, but didn't want to center on the creature. The early sketches riffed on James Bama-style collages, showcasing the crew and the extra-planatary adventure. "Alien" to me has always been an adventure film before anything else, no matter how much blood hits the screen. And the more I worked on getting the crew into the picture, the more I realized it was all about Ripley. So the other cast members (who I all adore) were pulled out, the composition taken back to the base and rebuilt from scratch. This is the result. The print is 11x17 on glossy paper. If you'd like a print on some other medium please message me.

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