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Bounty Hunting for Fun and Profit | 11x17 Art Print


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    "You are free to use any methods necessary, but I want them alive. No disintegrations."

    My artwork in recent months has made me realize something: I love old media and pop culture merch, I just don't want it cluttering up my home anymore. There's a point in life where you reach maximum saturation and can no longer accommodate boxes of VHS tapes and old action figures. That doesn't mean my love for them has diminished ... it just means a person has only so much physical space in their life. This $#!t totally sparks joy. But it also might be a fire hazard. And I'm going to be embarassed as a $^&!* if get to hell and they find out I burned to death because boxes of Batman action figures blocked my only escape path.

    Consider this print as an alternative to keeping your favorite toys at hand. Despite being little more than window dressing, the bounty hunters from "The Empire Strikes Back" are some of people's favorite "Star Wars" characters. They were empty vessels upon which we could project whatever fantasies we liked ... so I thought it might be interesting to present them here as Rorschach blots. Is that Boba Fett? Is it a penis? I don't know! (If Disney asks, though, it's a penis.)

    I really like this one, though it's a little outside of the audience I've cultivated here. I predict zero sales of this print ... but that's OK, because it made me happy.

    The piece is 11" x 17" on glossy paper. If you like it, make sure to tell a friend about it. And if you hate it, tell someone you despise.

    This piece is dedicated to mc chris.

    - Unlovely Frankenstein

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    Designed and printed in Columbia, South Carolina. Shipping tubes made in USA.