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The Shadow Mountains: 1983 A.D. | 11x17 Art Print


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    There's a lot going on in this image. Which is OK, becase (despite the film's languid pace) there's a lot going on in Panos Cosmatos' 2018 mind-melting movie "Mandy." I had one goal here, with a second added during the process. The first -- and most important -- goal was to make sure the film's title character was front and center in the image. I'll keep the reasons why to myself, but that was always the intention. The first sketch for this was a 1980s style tee-shirt with neon triangles and fluorescent colors ... you know, a fun cliche. But the sadness in actress Andrea Riseborough's eyes throughout the movie made this image increasingly tasteless. I replaced the glowing triangles with a steel pentagram and moved toward a design reminiscent of old heavy metal tee shirts. But it never felt like enough. From that flaming pentagram the rest of the image oozed out, giving me my second goal: to bend reality. It's chock full of symbols, sigils and miscellaneous icongraphy, some parts more subtle than others. I'll let you explore the landscape.

    The piece is 11" x 17" on glossy paper.

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    Designed and printed in Columbia, South Carolina. Shipping tubes made in USA.