Dark Shadows: TapedLive


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    In 1982, the Misfits released a live EP titled "Evilive" with a stark B&W photo of a live performance by the band on the cover. In 1987, Glenn Danzig re-released an expanded version of the album with a new cover, using the poster for the 1957 film "The Undead" with the band members inserted into the composition.

    Many, many years later I ran with this idea for a Dark Shadows mashup, using the cast members of the show on the cover for an album titled "TapedLive." About 10 people got the joke, but that was OK because they all bought a tee-shirt of it.

    But what about the folks who don't do the whole tee-shirt thing? I'm glad you asked! Here's an 11" x 11" print of the cover art, retooled and expanded because that's how this apparently works.

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