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Midsommar: A Spring Clean for the May Queen | 18x24 Large Art Print



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    Use the code FREEBIE to get one free 11x17 poster if you buy two (or spend $38 in any other way) - it's my gift to you!

    With apologies to Marcelo Monreal, Florence Pugh, Ari Aster and a bunch of other people.

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    NOTE: This is a larger version of "Midsommar: A Spring Clean for the May Queen" You can find the 11" x 17" version at:

    18" x 24" on glossy text-weight paper.

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    Designed and printed in Columbia, South Carolina. Shipping tubes made in USA.
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    Beautiful print, relatively fast international delivery considering the current Covid climate and excellent customer service! I would recommend buying from this store!

    What a beautiful print. I messed up a little corner as I was removing it from the package and it caught onto the tape but that’s my fault.

    My boyfriend loved this as an anniversary gift, and he loved the little note you printed for us. Thank you for making that day special