Barnabas Collins Recreated Poster | 11x17 Art Print


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    Remember that old Barnabas Collins "glow in the dark" poster advertised in the backs of comic books? The posters came and went before my time, leaving behind only newsprint ads and fond memories. To my knowledge it's never been re-issued, which is frustrating. The ephemera related to the original series is often quite wonderful (even when it's quite bad, like the "Dark Shadows Horror Heads.") Using a rough scan of the poster found online, I recreated it, drawing over the original line art and adding a halftone color pattern to the area used for the phosphorescent in on the original. I think it turned out pretty good, especially considering I've never laid eyes on a physical copy of the poster sold to fans back in 1970.

    Printed on 11X17 glossy, text-weight paper.