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Blood Feast trading card and poster set


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    It's a question best left unanswered ... but I was morbidly curious enough to follow it through.

    This project kind of offends my sensibilities. You might have noticed my feminist posters elsewhere in the store, work that doesn't exactly line-up with the brand of misogyny on display in Herschell Gordon Lewis. But I love trash cinema and it doesn't get any trashier than the films cranked out by Lewis and few to drive-in theaters during the 1960s. Blood Feast is among a short list of movies least deserving of a collection of trading cards ... which made it that much more important to me to make happen. And -- if I was going to do it -- no punches could be pulled. Here's the final result ... nine trading cards printed in "blood color" (i.e. "spot color"), which was about as fancy as any trading card/photo card series could be in 1963. (And even THAT might be pushing my luck ... the cards issued for the James Bond movie Thunderball were all black and white.)

    So this is what we have. Some of the teaser images for this listing have been pixelated to avoid any problems with Etsy and social media. The actual cards are uncensored.

    The set features nine trading cards, two stickers, a faux "wrapper" and a poster expanding on the artwork featured on the wrapper.
    Here's a more detailed breakdown:

    9 TRADING CARDS 2.5" X 3.5" and printed in "blood color," featuring two puzzles on the reverse side. Shipped with a plastic snap case.

    2 STICKERS 2.5" X 3.5"

    1 POSTER 11" X 17" color poster printed on 100 lbs text-weight paper

    1 WRAPPER: 8.77" X 8.5" printed on 100 lbs text-weight paper

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    Designed and printed in Columbia, South Carolina.