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Phantom of the Paradise trading cards, poster


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    The Phantom of the Paradise deserved better. And not just Winslow Leach ... the entire damn movie. It was a box office bomb that, unlike some of its musical contemporaries, didn't quickly pick up a cult following. The Phantom of the Paradise Cult developed at a glacial pace, moving so slowly as to never really developing much in the way of ephemeral merch. So I wanted to see how trading cards for the film might have looked had they been released in 1974 by a well-meaning (but oblivious) bubble gum company.

    The set features 12 trading cards, a faux "wrapper" and a poster expanding on the artwork featured on the wrapper.

    Here's a more detailed breakdown:

    12 TRADING CARDS 2.5" X 3.5" featuring a puzzle on the reverse side. Shipped with a plastic snap case.

    1 POSTER 11" X 17" color poster printed on 100 lbs text-weight paper

    1 WRAPPER: 8.77" X 8.5" printed on 100 lbs text-weight paper

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