Blade Runner Art Deco Poster | 11x25 Art Print


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    Where would Blade Runner be without Rutger Hauer? His Roy Batty was equal parts thug, angel, messiah and psychopath. Harrison Ford gets all the movie's press; Rutger Hauer is the reason there's any press still there to be had.

    This poster started off as something a lot more silly ... I won't say exactly what, but the idea was a little too on-the-noes, so I began to retool the "Metropolis" homage to something more fitting. It didn't require a huge leap to connect Fritz Lang's 1927 masterpiece to Ridley Scott's "Blade Runner." If you boil both movies down to their essential elements you're left with two movies about class struggles, the evolving definition of "humanity" and a reckoning on a civilization that might not deserve to have a future.

    Printed on 11" x 25" glossy, text-weight paper.