Blue Oyster Cult: Morning Final newsprint poster


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    You could make a movie out of almost any Blue Oyster Cult song. From the very beginning their music and lyrics are layered in conflict and mystery, daring listeners to draw conclusions about what they were listening to. Here is my conclusion about "Morning Final" from 1976's "Agents of Fortune" album. I've wandered pretty far from my original "every song as a movie poster" concept, but sometimes you've got to think outside of the box. And a song this grimly anxious deserved the ole "black, white and red all over" treatment. Joe Bouchard, the song's writer, was campaigning for the title of "Patron Saint of Urban Angst" in 1970s with such songs a "Screams," "Hot Rails to Hell" and this track, about a murder in the subway. Joe's a terrific songwriter.

    Printed on 11X17 glossy, text-weight paper.

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