Blue Oyster Cult: Unknown Tongue print


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    You could make a movie out of almost any Blue Oyster Cult song. From the very beginning their music and lyrics are layered in conflict and mystery, daring listeners to draw conclusions about what they were listening to. Here is my conclusion about "Unknown Tongue," from 1980's bonkers "Cultosaurus Erectus" album. "Cultosaurus" a weird entry in the band's catalog, no matter what your disposition might be ... and "Unknown Tongue" is hardly an exception. The album opens with the AD&D posturing of "Black Blade" and closes with this quietly intense tune. The song is either about a) glossolalia, b) spirit posession, c) puberty, d) self harm ("cutting") or e) all of the above. It's perfect fodder for an A24-style movie poster.

    Printed on 11X17 glossy, text-weight paper.