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Collinsport Frid Club pin and vintage Dark Shadows trading card


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    Through December 1 buy two 11x17 prints and get a third one free with the code BLACKFRIDAY!

    A 1.25" x 1.25" acrylic pin of the Collinsport Frid Club, modeled on the old logo for the Misfits Fiend Club (via Vampira's Ghoul Gang.)

    PLUS: One vintage "Dark Shadows" trading card! My loss is your gain! Here's the story:

    Louis DeJoy was appointed postmaster general in June. I'm sure you heard about it. Not long after there were some "changes" made to how the post office operates, most of which appear to be designed to eff up this year's election and cast doubts on the outcome. While the damage done won't be fully understood for a few years, it created the immediate problem of making the mail less reliable for folks like myself. Despite being weighed and measured using the post office's own tools, we started experiencing serious issues with some of our smaller packages. We'd mail these pins, only to have an odd number of them returned for "insufficient postage." In order to make sure we weren't left holding the bag (and having to pay to mail these items TWICE) we increased the overall price of the pin to offset the expense of OVERPAYING for postage. It was crummy, but we were losing money on the crap shoot that the U.S. Postal Service had become during the waning days of Cheeto Mussolini's term in office. The pin was meant to be an inepensive novelity item, but had ballooned in cost to $10 a pop in order to cover the associated expenses.

    But them I remembered a small tin of vintage Dark Shadows trading cards I purchased a few years back. I was missing a few of the first "pink" series and bought a small box of cards, sight unseen, at HeroesCon in Charlotte, N.C., from a vendor. As it happens, none of the cards filled in any of my missing gaps, leaving me with about 30 pink and green Dark Shadows trading cards in a variety of conditions. So I decided to include ONE of these cards, at random, with each pin. Some are in great shape. Others are in not-so great shape. But they're still pretty neat.

    Again, the cards will be selected at random. Once they're gone, they're gone.
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