Subhuman, Blue Oyster Cult grindhouse movie poster | 11x17 Art Print


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    You could make a movie out of almost any Blue Oyster Cult song. From the very beginning their music and lyrics are layered in conflict and mystery, daring listeners to draw conclusions about what they were listening to. Here's the second conclusion I reached about their 1974 song "Subhuman." This is a full-color, contemporary riff on an earlier design that showcased the version of the song from 1988's "Imaginos" album. That version wsa done as a B&W sketch as a tarot card. Here, "Subhuman" is presented as a horror movie, the kind of thing A24 might make today.

    Printed on 11X17 glossy, text-weight paper. This version is a bleed print with not whitespace on the border.