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Blue Oyster Cult: Black Blade poster | 11x17 Art Print



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    I love Blue Oyster Cult. I love Michael Moorcock. For some reason, I do not love "Black Blade." It's probably a flaw in my personality, because the riff is pretty good and the production values are excellent. The music and lyrics just never gel for me, though. It's not a bad song, just not one of my 40-50 favorites by the band.

    This is my second stab (ha ha) at a Black Blade poster. The first was in the style of a movie, but managed to look a little too much like one of Marvel's THOR movies for my taste. I still stan Tom Hiddleston as Elric, but want something a little more from a movie adaption than the kind of pulp adventures produced by Marvel.

    Printed on 11X17 glossy, text-weight paper.

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    Designed and printed in Columbia, South Carolina. Shipping tubes made in USA.
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    Great poster. Very fast shipping. Thank you!

    Amazing artwork and speedy delivery. Unlovely Frankenstein can't be beat.

    UF is a wonderful artist, and this is by far my favorite. Simply gorgeous!

    There isnt a lot of Black Blade artwork out there (or Elric, for that matter), so I had to get this. Its now situated right in front of my desk, so all I need do is look up. Thank you!