Blue Oyster Cult, Heavy Metal lyrics typography


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    Is "Heavy Metal: The Black and the Silver" anybody's favorite song? I can't remember the last time anybody has mentioned it ... but it's one of the standout tracks on "Fire of Unknown Origin." It has a ragged, tossed-off feel that's otherwise missing from the album, which is sometimes a little too slick for its own good.

    Since it's such an obscure song, it deserved an obscure visual reference. In this case, it's the inspiration for Sandy Pearlman's lyrics: "The Iron Sun: Crossing The Universe Through Black Holes" by Adrian Berry, a speculative non-fiction book from the days when people used to read. Rather than riffing on the Ralph McQuarrie-esque art on the early paperback I went full Gawlik. It's pretty simple, but I like it.

    11" x 17" on glossy, text-weight paper.