Patrick McGoohan is The Prisoner


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    If you want sane, reasonable people making your art, prepared to be bored. Case in point: The Prisoner. The mind-bending series was the fever dream of Patrick McGoohan, the actor who turned down the roles of both James Bond and Simon (The Saint) Templar. Both roles placed too much emphasis on sex and violence, he thought, which is a little like criticizing heavy metal for its use of guitars. The Prisoner might have been his answer to the wave of spy stories that crashed against the rocks of the 1960s ... the lead was a former spy who chafed at his "Number 6" designation, battled an unseen enemy that was more cryptic than overtly evil, and had no interest in the kind of sex-for-sport seen in his contemporaries.

    You can decide for yourself if any of that has merit or not. This art is my take on the series. 11" x 17" on glossy, text-weight paper.