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Velvet Goldmine posters, Curt Wild and Brian Slade bundle



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    Promotional posters for the release of Brian Slade's seminal 1972 glam rock masterpiece "Maxwell Demon and the Venus in Furs" and a 1973-ish poster for a Kurt Wild and the Rats concert. Fake bands! Real posters!

    Use the code FREEBIE to get one free 11x17 poster if you buy two (or spend $38 in any other way) - it's my gift to you!

    The prints are 11" x 17" on glossy text-weight paper.

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    Designed and printed in Columbia, South Carolina. Shipping tubes made in USA.
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    The small touches on these are fantastic - I can't wait to order from this seller again!

    These posters look just like the pics on the store and are on really high quality poster paper. They are not as shiny as a store bought poster but that adds to the vintage-like detail IMO. I originally ordered for the Brian Slade poster but now kind of love the Curt Wild one more! Thank you for helping me bring my favorite movie to life in my home decor!

    absolutely gorgeous prints, such a cool design + concept - i've always loved the idea of real merch for fake bands, but it's usually so poorly executed and these are a beautiful exception. i love these posters so much and i can't wait to hang them up <3